Friday, August 20, 2004
and since i am dying...

blog, these are my last words to you before i leave. leave? in a moment you will see. perhaps i will leave a personal note to you.

as for now, i will write down whatever jibberish that is in my head.

[WARNING: it is going to be very random...more so random than others.]

dyan--the annoying one about the candy prom--is going out with an ugly white guy. it seems to me that dyan's are annoying. [asfia, this is where you point and laugh...or just laugh]

i saw meinez and monissa yesterday while rushing to the mexx interview. tried to find them afterwards, but couldn't. probably because the interview took a bitching long time [more or less 1 hr]--and still another one tomorrow. wish me luck. so hello if any could deliver this mesage to them. otherwise, i guess hello to you when i see again.

the ring is a good movie. go rent it. one of the best horror movies i've seen in a long while, which i didn't totally laugh over.

amy, please decide on a day soon. i will call you to find out instead. shit. i hate talking over the phone. i hate talking. i suppose it will help with my "communication skills".

and to go on with my "communication skills", i will have to call sadia to bug her about the crappy events while summer is still around. shit. phone again. the plan, sadia, the plan! outside forces are invading! and destroying our means of communication...well, one way. the main way. shitmonfuckdad.

i would pay for internet myself, but i've become a full-fledged cheapie and refuse to do so. so shitmonfuckdad again.

mark, if you discover this blog. happy birthday to you. it's 3 weeks early, i know, but happy birthday because i probably won't have a chance to say happy birthday. [how many times can i write happy birthday???] and how are you, while i'm at it. leave a note in my inbox if there is still room by the time you discover this.

amna, if you know about this blog. HELLO!!!!! i'm not sure what else to say... except call me when you get back from that crazy place called pakistan. or maybe it's not crazy. i just thought i would add that in. hmmm...peppers. taste good.

hi to all others. i don't care so much about you...or maybe i can't think of you right now. whichever that pleases you the most.

the mexx job better pay well. otherwise, i'm going to bitch. and i won't even have a blog to bitch in. then, i'm going have to return to bitching at my room wall. and it won't look pretty. people are going to think i'm crazy again. especially when i was returning to "normal".

would a low profile be normal? nevermind, i would say so.

at least i'll get discounts. right? if not, all hell's going to break loose. and i won't know what to do with it. shit. i think i need this blog more than i think.

another thing is that i should quit swearing. where did i pick it up from? why do i keep on saying fuck every 3 words? [at least it's not every 2 words.]

and what am i talking about the pay and discounts at mexx? i haven't even got the job yet. shit, i better. i want clothing. and i want money.

heck [isn't that better?], we all want money. i need it for tuition. to be a penniless historian.

the irony in this world.

oh and i almost forgot to mention, world, you smell.

i wonder if any will get this.

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