Wednesday, August 11, 2004
summerworks theatre festival

SummerWorks Theatre Festival

excusing family, long-time close friends, and perhaps a few others--which, again have known me since my childhood silent years--most people don't know that i'm interested into this shit. well, i shouldn't call it shit. especially if i enjoy it. i like art. i like the theatre. i like reading [a lot]. i like history.

i suppose one never strays too far from what we love. you see, when i was younger, i used to draw a lot. in fact, i had art lessons every week. i suppose you could say i had a talent for art. but for some odd reason, my family disapproved. well, i shouldn't say for some odd reason. basically, they feared that i would become a penniless van gogh whom nobody would care or know about.

as i said, that was then. i suppose still is. especially since i want to be a penniless historian. i suppose one could place history somewhat in relation to the arts. if my grammama were still mentally active, she would probably lecture and scream at me. she would probably be also heartbroken. her granddaughter as a bum with an useless brain. there's a nagging feeling behind the back of my head--and it's not a migraine this time--which i think may possibly be guilt. maybe.

my mother thinks i'm wasting my life away. i'm not bright enough for her. arguably, i say it's merely because i tend to think things through and slowly. i like to contemplate on things for a good period of time before i do anything. one could say i'm calculative. and again, arguably, that should be good--especially since i'm taking after her traits in a sense.

my father. well, i don't he cares too much. as long as i'm happy. but i suppose he worries that i'll be a bum, too. back in china, they had lived and grew up through some horrendous times. however, i'm not so sure for that on my mother's side. i suppose that's why they worry so much for my well-being.

especially since i'm the only fruit who doesn't mind being penniless.

anywho, after much blabbing about myself [this is MY blog, so i should get some selfish time], i present to you. the summerworks theatre festival. go to it. it's pretty good. there are only five days left. check it out @ summerworks theatre festival:

i don't care if you're penniless, just go. i am.

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